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Heartgard Plus (chews) For Dogs

Dog Heartgard Plus Chewables

( This is a Prescription Drug, Pet and Vet Info are Mandatory )

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Dogs 26-50lbs (green) - 6 Pack

Price: $40.00

Dogs 51-100lbs (brown)-6Pack

Price: $49.00

Dogs Up To 25lb (blue)-6Pack

Price: $29.36

Heartgard Plus Chewables is a real-beef chewable tablet for dogs that provides protection against heartworms, and treats and controls roundworms and hookworms.

Possible Side Effects: Side effects are rare at the recommended heartworm prevention dosage. If your pet experiences an allergic reaction to the medication or the dying of parasites, signs may include facial swelling, hives, scratching, sudden onset of diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, or coma. If you observe any of these signs, contact your veterinarian immediately. Precautions: Not for use in animals who are hypersensitive (allergic) to it. Not for use in Collies or other herding breeds over the recommended heartworm prevention dose unless under the strict supervision of a veterinarian. If your dog is one of these breeds, observe your pet for at least 8 hours after giving the medication for weakness, staggering, dilated pupils, trembling, or pressing the head against a wall. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you see these signs. Do not use in puppies or kittens less than 6 weeks of age. Considered to be safe to use in pregnant and lactating animals (female animals nursing their young). Consult with your veterinarian regarding necessary physical examinations and heartworm testing necessary prior to and during treatment with heartworm medications. Some intestinal parasites may be zoonotic (able to infect humans). Ask your veterinarian or physician how to prevent human infection and reinfection of your pet. Properly dispose of unused ivermectin, as it may be toxic to fish and other animals. Drug, Food, and Test Interactions: Although there are no known drug or food interactions with this medication, consult with your veterinarian before using ivermectin with any other medications, including vitamins and supplements, since interactions may occur. Signs of Toxicity/Overdose: Dogs: May see staggering, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, or dilated pupils. Cats: May see agitation, vocalization, loss of appetite, dilation of pupils, staggering, tremors, blindness, head-pressing, wallclimbing, and disorientation. Most animals recover in 2-4 weeks with supportive care. If you know or suspect your pet has had an overdose, or if you observe any of these signs, contact your veterinarian immediately. Keep this and all other medications out of the reach of children and pets. ** This information may not cover all possible uses, directions, side effects, precautions, allergic reactions, drug interactions, or withdrawal times. Always consult your own veterinarian for specific advice concerning the treatment of your pet.

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