1. What is the USA Pet Meds Program?

USA Pet Meds was created to help pet owners save money on their pets’ prescription medications.

2. Can I use this program at my local veterinarian?

No, this program allows you to save 15-55% or more on human medications for your pets at your local drug store. We recommend that you purchase pet only medications from your veterinarian.

3. How do I use the USA Pet Meds Program?

Simple, get a prescription from your veterinarian for the human medications for your pets that can be filled at a local participating drug store. Take the prescription to your local participating drug store and save 15-55% or more immediately. No claim forms to fill out.

4. Do I have to register my pet or sign up for an account?

No, the cards are free, pre-activated, never expire and no personal information from you or your pet are ever collected or required.

5. Why use USA Pet meds for human medications for pets instead of getting them from the veterinarian?

Cost Savings. Where the veterinarian most likely can offer you good pricing on specialty pet only medications, your local drug store with our contractual agreement on price cost can offer you much better pricing on human medications for your pets.

6. Do you have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?

National Benefit Builders, Inc. the parent company of Americas Drug Card Program and the USA Pet Meds Program has always maintained the highest rating with the BBB – A+.