Testimonials for USA Pet Meds drug discount card

"I always use the pet card for my dog for which I have had savings of about $40. Every month I enjoy the savings." - Ellen L.

"I get alot of my customers using it as well.... they like it - horse people really need this!!!!!" - Nancy G.

"I used the pet card mail order service. They were very helpful and nice. The prices were cheaper than 1-800 pet med's and Costco. I was surprised how fast my order came. And they transferred my heart worm medicine from Costco to them. They even tracked one of my dog prescriptions I didn't know one of my dogs prescription number from Costco they said no problem and they found it. I have two golden retrievers I had the prescription number for only one of my dogs. I think people will like this service." - Deborah T. (Nevada)"